Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Publishing expert Joel Friedlander's "TAKE" on DOUBLE TAKE

Joel Friedlander, proprieter of Marin Bookworks, author of over 500 articles on book design, publishing, ebooks, book marketing and the life of the indie author, and blogger of the renown The Book Designer, recently held an e-Book Cover Design contest.

JP submitted Double Take in the Fiction category, and although the cover design didn't win, the comments from Joel were very favorable:

Double Take is a PI mystery with a sense of humor. The cover was designed with visuals that reflect the somewhat playful style, but also making it clear through text that it is a murder mystery featuring a private investigator. It was also designed to be brightly colored to attract attention and with easy to read fonts so that the small representation in websites would be easily read.”

The author has put together a very effective cover and hit every one of his aims. My only comment would be that with a layout this good, you don’t really need all those type effects.

Thanks, Joel!